Into The Night Bioluminescence Kayak Journey

Into The Night Bioluminescence Kayak Journey

Experience the ocean in a unique way that few have had the opportunity to enjoy! Witness the waters and marine life of the Sechelt Inlet awaken with a bioluminescent glow. Your kayak glides as if flying, opening your senses in the silence, inviting you to connect deeply with the mysteries and wonders of nature.


Our qualified facilitator guides are knowledgeable, insightful and experienced. They will frame your adventure, provide lessons based on your comfort zone and introduce you to safe and exciting ways to journey in the natural world.

Moon Notice: Moonlight effects this tour and how brightly you will see bioluminescence. The less moonlight, the brighter the bioluminescent sea creatures appear.

Into the Night Kayak Tour includes: Sea kayak, paddle, safety gear, and dry land instruction

Schedule: Tour departs nightly (May 1st – September 30th). The evening tour starts at the “in between time “which represents the transition of day and night – exact time will be confirmed based on weather and the time of the month.