About Ruby Lake Resort

Cogrossi Family

The Cogrossi family set sail from Milan, Italy in 1993 in search of greener pastures, where their love for nature, and birds in particular, could flourish. Their search ended on the Sunshine Coast. It was the complete opposite of everything they knew back in Milan, where the brothers grew up within one of the city's oldest and noblest families.

They have landscaped the resort with bridges, patios, extensive gardens and rustic furnishings, giving the property an eclectic atmosphere that mixes cappuccino culture and European antiquity with a Canadian wilderness setting. In the restaurant you will see a 200 year old alabaster eagle from a castle back home, a rare organ that plays ancient waltzes and the Cogrossi family crest that can be traced back to 1468. Giorgio's trips to Bali are also in evidence - look for the beautiful wooden carvings and various buddha statues that now decorate the resort. It's quite unique for the Sunshine Coast!


Our Family

The Brothers

Aldo and his family

Canadian Passports

Mom and Son

Environmental Focus

The resort is dedicated to fostering our environment and strives to preserve and enhance the natural, cultural and economic resources of our surrounding area. We try to harmonize our business with nature, whilst maintaining a minimum impact on the environment.

Local woodworkers, using reclaimed lumber and driftwood, have been commissioned over the years to enhance the natural feel of the property while promoting the Sunshine Coast's skilled local trades people. We also maintain strong relationships with all kinds of environmentally conscious companies and suppliers. We use only vegetables grown without pesticides, organic cleaning products, employ the principles of natural fisheries and much, much more.

Ecological Reserve
and Bird Sanctuary

Ruby Lake Lagoon is the centerpiece of the resort's 99 acre ecological reserve. This body of water is home to 88 different types of birds and a large group of painted turtles and is extremely diverse both in terms of the large variety of habitats and the abundance of different animals and plants. More than 150 species of trees and plants have been sown; all tailored to the needs of specific creatures.

The largest wetlands on the Upper Sunshine Coast surround the resort. The Cogrossi family have protected the lagoon and surrounding wetland area with a Conservation Covenant to ensure the protection of the land in years to come.

Italian Dining on
the Sunshine Coast

Dining is an experience to savor in our authentic Italian Trattoria, specializing in cuisine from Northern Italy and fresh seafood.

Our spectacular patio overlooks the lagoon, bird sanctuary and Ruby Lake. Enjoy one of the famous Ruby Lake sunsets while you eat a delicious meal on the best waterfront patio on the Sunshine Coast.

Our menu features fresh home-grown produce, wild coastal mushrooms, locally gathered and sustainably harvested seafood and wild game, complemented by a selection of fine wines.